Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I know many of my posts have been pretty negative when it comes to women. But, now a days I'm just not sure what to do with them. At this moment there are 3 girls. I'll go through the list of girls.

Girl #1: She seems to be crazy about me. Although, I know things won't work out. She wants to stay in "this" state. I'm obviously not going to choose to stay here if I have the option to go somewhere else, especially Notre Dame, Northwestern or UC Berkely Law Schools.

Now to explain the situation. She constantly calls me and texts me. And when we do hang out she is pretty much attached to me. And at the risk of sounding shallow she is "ok" looking.

Girl #2: She is 31 years old. Ok, so I am not worried so much about the age. And she's well pretty good looking. I'd love to see her with long hair but even with the short hair she is still pretty beautiful. Oh, I also need to mention that she's also going to law school. I'm not sure where though.

But the biggest thing I'm worried about is I don't know how to deal with an older girl.

Girl #3: She's one of my high school friend's younger sister. Also pretty cute, but I haven't gone on a date with her yet. I asked her out but didn't give her a day yet. She said yes. So I got 1 foot in that door. We'll see where this goes.

This is getting complicated. Tomorrow I have a date with girl #2 and well I think girl #1 wants to do something this weekend too. But I also planned to go out with the guys this weekend.

We'll see what I do with this situation. I'll keep you guys updated =)

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