Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1

So this is day 1 of my blog journey. I woke up today to a phone call at 7:30 am. Mind you I didn't go to sleep till about 5:00 am. Of course I didn't answer it cause well, it's fucking 7:30 am!! I just shut it off and went back to sleep.

I finally got up at 10:30 am. Still a bit angry about the phone call but what are you going to do. It wasn't important enough for them to leave a message so it isn't important enough for me to call them back. I got all washed up and decided to make some lunch before I go to work. I have the late shift today.

Usually I don't have a set time that I have to be at work but recently I had to fire 2 former employees for stealing money from the cash registers. It kinda broke my heart with one of them. She had been working for my family for years. But it was recently that her husband had beaten her so badly that they fell behind on their bills and took on a lot of medical bills. I'm still sad that I had to fire her. The other one...well, eh, that one was easy. I guess in the end I'm running a business.

So, now that I got all of you caught up. After lunch I went to go give my brother a ride home from school. He's still in high school. I finally got to work at about 4 pm. It seems like every time I step 1 foot into the door it's "Chris we have a problem..." "Chris can you fix this...." "Chris..." A never ending cycle. This day was no different. Apparently a computer fan was making a loud noise. I took a quick look and just sprayed a can of compressed air on it to get the dust off and clean it a bit. And it just stopped making that loud noise and went back to normal. Sigh...all it needed was to be dusted...

I bet some of you are wondering what kind of store it is. It's one of those kinda expensive mom and pop stores that tries to carry a little bit of everything.

Here's the interesting part of my day, which in fact isn't very interesting. We don't get very many beautiful women coming in our store. Most of them got saggy boobs, are fat, are druggies, look like they're 40 when they're actually 22, or, my personal favorite, the one's that leave a smell that lingers for 5 hours. Today was indeed a special day, 2 beautiful women walk in today.

I started talking to 1 one of them, about how her day was going and I asked her if she could tell me how the beer she was buying tasted like since I haven't had it yet. Of course I actually have had it and it wasn't too bad, not my favorite but not bad. Well it was about this point when her friend gave me a look of "just shut up! all men are pigs!" So I just finished the sale and they left. What a sad life if that's the most interesting thing in my day, but not much else I could have done. I was at work.

So the day just drudged on and on and on. I was suppose to be training the new assistant manager but it just wasn't possible with only the 2 of us working. Customers kept coming to the drive-thru and walking in and there were daily cleaning and stocking that had to be done. I decided to postpone the training till tomorrow. Hopefully I can get her trained so I can actually have a life outside of work...

Oh, I've decided to also chronicle my journey through as many different kinds of beers as I can. Right now I'm drinking a beer from Bear Republic called Racer 5 IPA. It's a strong, bitter beer that I would say leaves a pleasant after-taste. I suggest that, for those of you over 21 or whatever the legal drinking age is for you, to try it out. That is if you aren't afraid of trying different kinds of beers. =D Grade: B

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