Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Time No See

Today I'm going to start off a little different. I'm going to start off by telling you what today's beers are. Today I'll be tasting a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter eaten with a steak. From my new found knowledge of the wild world of beer and food, I've recently learned that red meat and porters go really well together. This porter was poured into a small neck glass. It pours a dark brown color, the aroma has a slight sense of vanilla but nothing prevalent. The taste is a smooth vanilla with little bitterness. Some people will say that this porter is very harsh, but the key to my opinion is that I ate a steak with the porter. The steak made the porter a much smoother beer to drink and in my opinion a overall decent beer to session at any time....that i'm having red meat. Grade: B

The second beer is an Odells Isolation. This beer pours out a reddish amber, with the aroma presents an earthly aroma. The carbonation is prevalent. I would have to say that I didn't like having too much carbonation in a beer. But now that I started on this journey in craft beers I have learned that there are good times for a lot of carbonation. This would be one of those times. The taste of this beer shows a good bitterness to it with a very good opposition of malt. I would definitely suggest this beer. This beer would be probably one of my most favorite beers. I give this *drum roll* Grade: A+

I think I'll finally bring up the topic of relationships, since well I haven't really mentioned it since I started the blog.

So, I've come to a situation in my life where all I do is work and come home. I rarely get a chance to go out...not saying there is anywhere good to go out, here in Mesa. About the only place that resembles any sense of the word good would be the bar called the Monastery, but the only women there are women in their 30's and 40's. And god knows I am no cougar meat. This leaves me with not much of a social life.

But, I think I will finally succumb to the fact that the jackasses and assholes of the world that get the women. Being the nice guy is an old fashioned notion of what a man should be. But not what a man needs to be, to get a woman.

All in all I think all guys actually begin their lives as good guys, but something happened in their lives that changed them. They change to protect themselves from being vulnerable. Some guys go to alcohol, other go to being a jackass or asshole, but those, like myself, that go to work to cover up their vulnerability are probably some of the hardest to change. We, the workers, use the excuse that we are always working to not open ourselves up to being vulnerable to being hurt, again. Which definitely makes it hard to meet women.

I guess I keep thinking about this, because I still believe in the whole chivalry bullshit. But these days chivalry will get you nowhere it seems. I mean case in point. I'M A FUCKING 23 YEAR OLD VIRGIN!! Again I'm going to say that I will not just have sex with anyone. Cause I know that if I just wanted to go that way there are way too many insecure women that I could take advantage of. I do know how to bullshit my way into and through things. I'm going to be blunt with you guys, the women that are most vulnerable are the ones that are fat, ugly, or fugly (both of them together). You know it's the truth, but of course there are few exceptions and I do mean FEW exceptions!

I will not and could not take advantage of a woman just to say that I'm not a virgin. It's not only immoral, but just plain fucking wrong!

I'll leave you with these few closing thoughts. Women are meant to be cherished and sex is meant for those who are special to you. Not those who you just met at a bar or club that same day. If you just have sex with anyone and everyone, the meaning of making love begins to fade and eventually you will not know the feeling of actually loving someone. You're thoughts of love will begin to bend, curve, and twist to the point where love is not love. The love you think you feel is not love at all. But who am I to be giving this kind of advice. Take it however you want.

I promise my next post will be more of a happier post. I just felt that I needed to get some things off of my chest.

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