Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yes, my work seems to be unappreciated. Right now I'm still working for my parents business. Today I got news that we just did 150% better than we did on our normal Saturday. I'm ecstatic! Because we haven't seen these numbers in over 5 years. This is insane. But when I bring the good news to my mother that we had done better. I was shot down by her saying that our assistant manager should not know how much we are making. This is ridiculous! It was thanks to me promoting one of our supervisors that we have been able to go over the wall that has been blocking us for a long time. No matter how much work I put into this business I could not get it over the wall by myself.

So I brought in one of my supervisors to be my assistant manager. I developed a confidentiality clause in the contract. But it seems that no matter the fact that there is a confidentiality clause, my mother says that I did wrong and we should make it go back the old way. In my personal view, all expanding businesses have to trust their employees. But have legal backing to protect themselves from their employees.

I have done exactly that. I provided the legal protection while putting my trust into my employees or in this case my employee.

I'm tired, all I think about is work, and simply no matter what I do it is wrong. When I took over as manager I was able to effectively put into place cost-management and efficiency management. This was done to be able to climb back out of the hole that we were in. Once we finally began to see the light I began planning for expansionary management. I noticed that even though I was planning for expansion I could not focus on it because I was busy doing daily operations management.

This got me thinking, can I bring in an assistant manager to help me out in this area? The answer was yes. In nearly all businesses exact numbers are closely held but basic numbers are known by many people. With this knowledge I began to look into what I can do and how I can protect the business at the same time. Protecting the business was #1 priority.

That's when I started writing up a contract and discussing with a certain employee about an opportunity to become assistant manager. This employee was excited and accepted the opportunity. Once the contract was drafted, I made sure there was a confidentiality clause in there to protect the business from her leaking out vital information about our business.

It has been about 2 weeks since then. We have seen great improvements in our business and look to large future growths. But, the co-owner, my mother disapproves of my methods. She believe that the necessary information for my assistant manager to do her job should not be given to her. Plain and simple. Her exact words were, "I don't want to get dragged in when you fall in the whole." to both me and my father. She then goes on to state, "I want to be reimbursed for the health insurance that I'm paying for." to just my father. I'm currently paying my own.

That last part she said to my father was very unnecessary. It was my idea to start off and my dad, still weary of the idea, reluctantly approved. I believe that I should take full responsibility of this project. Not to mention we are "suppose" to be a family and family do not abandon family. I gave up opportunities because my parents' business was beginning to fail. It failing was not the only other reason for me to start taking over the family business. I noticed that my dad really enjoys helping the elderly with their medicare problems and issues. But because of the business, he can't do what he enjoys. I want my dad to at least have some enjoyment out of his life, he has sacrificed so much for us.

But no, all my mother can think about is her, her, her. I'm sick of this. She thinks she's always right and doesn't believe in me. She says she does but in all reality she doesn't. She still treats me like a child, I am by no means still a child. I have knowledge and a good sense to use it for the betterment of everyone around me.

Once I get accepted I'm gone. If I don't get accepted anywhere I am leaving to Japan to go teach English as soon as I can. If I don't do either, as long as I'm leaving this place I'll be fine.

Oh, did I mention that I've been working there for free for the past 2 months. I haven't been paid in 2 months, so far I'm living off of the money I made earlier and the money I had been given for graduation. I'm starting to think that my mother loves herself and shopping more than she loves this family.

By the way, the beer of the day is a high end Breckenridge 471 IPA. It is bitter to the taste with the overpowering amount of hops and the aroma seems to hint towards fruit, I think it's grape. Grade: B+

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