Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SO MUCH BEER!!!! @_@

I know, I missed yesterday. I'll try to make up for it today.

So today I started off by going off to the gym for 4 hours. It wasn't like I was forcing myself to be there for 4 hours I just felt like I could keep going. It goes to say that I got a pretty good workout.

After the gym it was back off to work. For those of you remember, Monday's are the days that I work the night shift. Today my goal was to figure out some videos to put together for our microbeer section. I can't tell you how many videos I've been through. But I would have to say that the thing I remember from all of them is that there are 12,000 + different beers in the world. That's insane! I guess I better get drinking. 

Today we have 2 different beers!! =O

The first beer is the Alaskan Amber Ale. This beer presents a clear through deep red color. The aroma is very difficult to explain. I have heard that it smells like caramel, but I can only sense a slight hint of caramel. In my best description the aroma has that hint of caramel but is highly overpowered by the grain. This beer doesn't surprise, it smells like grain and it tastes like grain. There are hints of caramel and a very small amount of hops, but it's all overpowered by grain. This beer I would say is a very good beer to sit down and relax with. There are no surprises and for some, nothing that you may have to muscle through. ;-) Grade: B

The second beer is a beer from Big Sky Brewery. It is their famous Moose Drool. This one I would have to say I was a little hesitant about. I wasn't sure what to expect. The aroma was slightly deceiving, I was expecting a similar beer to the Left Hand Milk Stout. For those of you who haven't had the Left Hand Milk Stout, this beer is in my opinion an overpowering coffee beer with a hint of chocolate. I would have to say that it wasn't something that I expected at the time. But this time with Moose Drool the coffee had definitely a weaker punch, which in my opinion made it all that much better. Not only did I sense the coffee but there was caramel prevalent in the aroma as well. So far this was exactly like the Milk Stout that I had before. But to the taste the first couple seconds there is definitely a similarity between the 2, but I do like how Moose Drool ends with a sweet chocolate taste. It almost feels like one of those water log rides at Disneyland. You start going up with the aroma and have a feeling for what to expect. Then you go for a pretty wild ride for a couple seconds, and finish off with a nice smooth ride back home. I thoroughly enjoyed this beer, it definitely lived up to the hype. Grade: A

After those 2 beers I'm feeling a bit buzzed. Each one has about 5.1-5.4% ABV I would say that if you were going to pick one or the other, pick the moose drool if you haven't had it. If you guys want to add some beers that you've tried just leave me a comment and I'll put it up on the next post. Cause god knows that I won't be able to try all 12,000 + beers! I'll be drinking all the time and probably too wasted to even use my palate to tell you guys what each one was like.

Oh, I'm thinking about starting a video blog addition to this on the different beers that I try. But it's in the works. Happy drinking! and well here's hoping to my life as a virgin! CHEERS!

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