Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I spy with my little eye something ______

Gotta love it when you meet a very carefree kid. They are just full of amazement and awe.

Today after the gym I came home and noticed that my neighbor's little girl was sitting outside with her backpack. Of course being the good neighbor that I am I went over to go see if she was ok. She said that she tried to get in her house but the key won't work. I'm guessing that they latched the door on top. But anyways, I decided to wait with her till her mom came home. That way she wasn't outside alone.

She told me about how strong she was and how her favorite thing to do is jump rope. My first thought was "AWWW how cute!" She also said that she learned a new game called "I spy with my little eye." I'm sure most of you remember that game. I know I sure do.

So she let me go first. "I spy...with my little eye...something...orange." And yes it did take me that long to figure out what I wanted to pick. Of course I didn't pick anything hard. I picked a pretty easy one since there
was 1 thing that was orange. She got it in I swear 3 seconds flat. But, she got me with a duzzy. She spied something yellowish green. (on a side note, it is YELLOWISH GREEN, I don't care if there is some other name out there for it. I agree with her color. But more on why I don't like weird color names later.) I swear she got me going on this one. It was probably a good minute till I just started guessing. Of course she was just laughing at me because I would just pick something, obviously not yellowish green, just for fun. Her mom made it home just a little after I had guessed right. Kids are so cute.

After that it was eventful. I got an email from a school that was offering me a scholarship. I nearly shit my pants when I found out they wanted to pay me $20,000 to go to their school. Who's tuition is only $16,000. That would mean I still have $4,000 left over. But we'll see if I do it or not. Probably going to reply to them though. At least to tell them that I'm interested in their offer. =D Gotta keep them on the hook.

So it was off to work I go. And yes the whole cycle of "Chris this is broken..." started. Gotta love my employees. =/ Sometimes I wonder about them.

I did although have a very awkward moment at work today. One of the kids that I saw grow up came in asking if I could write a letter of recommendation for the boy scout board to get his eagle scout badge. For those of you who don't know what an eagle scout is. It is as high up in the scouts as you can go. Of course I was proud of him and proud to write that letter. My family has helped him out with his scout projects since the beginning. That's not the weird part.

The weird moment came when I started thinking about when he was growing up and just blurted out "I remember when you were THIS tall." Putting my hand at a really low level. Yes that felt weird to say because up until today I was the one who people was saying that to. I swear everyday I was at my parent's store there would be at least 10 people who would come in and say "I remember when you were THIS tall." Some of them I was so tall that I about a foot tall. At that moment I pictured one of those bags that women put their small dogs in, but instead of the dog it was me...

All in all, it was a pretty interesting day.

Oh today's beer was Alaskan White Ale. It was smooth, not bitter or strong. The spices in the beer made it a perfect blend for those who don't want to muscle through an IPA or any of the other heavily spiced beers. The aroma was pleasant. A very nice beer to end the night with. Grade: A

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